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Mystery Tuber

Mystery Tuber

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We have so many lovely tubers that have made it into our mystery tubers! Sometimes, I get so excited I combine two great sets of tubers before they are labeled or I lose a tag on the way to the barn. If I can't double authenticate, I can't sell. We also have little odds and ends of tubers where the numbers were too low or germination was unexpectedly high. So those will be added in to the mystery pile. If you get a tuber without a name I can ID once you see a flower. All mystery tubers will come with a little card telling  you what I do know. In our mystery box we have Cafe au Lait, Golden Scepter, Tempest, Lollipop, Boom Boom White and Tomo. We will also have some lovely labeled tunbers. All with eyes and all deserving of Dahlia Love. Take a chance on these!

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