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This formal decorative dahlia has striking deep maroon and white coloring. Flowers have long strong stems and are a great addition to a bouquet. Introduced by Chilson in 1988, this is a prolific flower producer with 4-6" blooms. The plant is 5-6' tall and warrants staking. First year yielded 7 tubers. Sourced in 2022 from Dahlia Hill annual tuber sale.

  • Product Info

    During the winter months, tubers are stored in a dormant state. Depending on the tuber variety, weather, and availability of storage medium, we store in plastic wrap, in wood shavings, or in vermiculate. We wake our tubers in March. This allows us to start our plants early so we have more mature plants that flower earlier during the Michigan growing season. We also propogate cuttings to increase stock. If you would like tubers earlier in the spring we can arrange pick-up at the farm. 

  • Return & Refund Policy

    We are a boutique specialty cut flower farm. We take care to ship tubers with visible eyes and no growth limiting damage. Tubers are living storage stems and can get a little dry (and wrinkle) and or get a small bit soft to the touch. Each variety is different. We will not send tubers if we are not confident in their viability. If you have a concern. Please contact us immediately. Our flowers are meant to bring happiness. We will work with you to resolve any concerns.

  • Shipping Info

    Tubers can be shipped in early fall or late spring without a threat of freezing. Shipping is risky from November to April as . During those months we can schedule a pick-up for purchased tubers. We will ship via priority mail in during spring and early fall. 

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